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This page will lay out a couple of inexpensive fleets capable of autoing cargo fleets up to level 17.

Genesis + Harrier/Longbow CombosEdit

Once you unlock the Genesis Cruiser, you have a highly effective tank that can be paired with any ship with a range bonus for effectively engaging level 13 - 17 cargo fleets. build provided here are almost instant-repair fleets.

Genesis Cruiser tank (13-17 cargo fleets):

  • These fill fleet slots 1-3
    Genesis cruiser
  • Spectral Shield III
  • Basic Cargo I / Rear Thrusters I
  • Tritanium x 2
  • Pulse Laser III + Pulse Laser II

Harrier Frigate sniper:  *These fill fleet slots 4-6

  • No shield
  • Plasteel II
  • Railgun III x2

Longbow Destroyer sniper:

  • These will replace your Harrier Frigates in your auto fleets, as they pack heavier firepower and can carry significantly more cargo.

    note the res numbers are wrong as this is a re-fit

  • Tritanium I
  • Basic Cargo I
  • Railgun IV x 2

Level 20 auto cargo comboEdit

This version is virtually identical to the level 15 & 17 auto cargo fleet, but with the Genesis Cruiser in Slot 1 being tweaked into a heavier tank to soak fire because of the battleship and multiple cruisers in the level 20 fleet. Note, this is not an instant-repair design.

New Genesis Cruiser tank:

2013-03-31 0121
*This replaces your #1 slot Genesis in your auto fleets.
  • Spectral Shield IV
  • Basic Cargo I / Rear Thrusters I
  • Tritanium I + Tritanium II
  • Pulse Laser II x 2

Non-Auto for handing 23/25/27 planet fleetsEdit

This fleet can by using the strafing techniqe out lined by Abbandon, with minamal damage with 23's and 25's you will recive some damage from the 27's due to the fast Exo', but this tends to be around 5-10% so you should be able to hit several before forced to put in for repairs.


Exodus Crusier you can fill all 6 slots

  • Shockwave sheild II
  • Strafe Thruster II
  • Basic cargo I
  • Iridium I Armour
  • Guass Gun 1 x3

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